Monday, April 20, 2009

Fabrizio Rainone: From Filmmaker to Rockstar Photographer

SOMW presents you with an exclusive interview with Fabrizio Rainone, a fashion icon on his own. We decided to ask him a few simple questions, and this is what we got out of him...

How did you fall into the world of fashion photography?
FR: I was a filmmaker before, and I came across fashion photography through my ex-wife, a danish/german model.
Who has been your most influential muse?
FR: My most influential muses have been Swedish model: Malin Ericcson and Canadian/Cuban model, Judith Bedard.
What would you recommend new models to do in order to become more successful?
FR: I would recommend to get skills of acting and to understand in advance the style of the photographers they work with, expressing at same time their own modeling style. All this in a "natural" way...
When can we see your latest work?
FR: My latest work is on My very last shoot has been using real Hells Angels with model Brooklyn Decker, for sure one of my best. It will be published in the next issue (#10) of Booklet Magazine, which will be released in May throughout Europe. Brooklyn was naturally perfect as "Hells Angels girl" she was credible & beautiful but with out trying too hard, just what I like.
Any inspirational words for models all around the world?
FR: Be rebellious being yourself, never "afraid" of anything!

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