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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A must read interview with the gorgeous “Hannah Sobisky” by Amna Bou-Azza

SOMW : How did you get into modeling? Tell me how and when everything started ?

Hannah: I started getting approached by scouts a lot around the age of 13. I met Erin Olson of Echo Models a friends BBQ when I was 14. She introduced me to DNA Models in New York and I signed with both agencies and things have taken off since then.

SOMW : Now that you're signed with DNA do you believe that Echo models made things easier for you and helped you to get into such a well known agency ?

Hannah : Echo Models definitely helped to make everything a smooth transition. Erin is very careful and concerned about her models. She is knowledgeable in the business which is huge. People in the industry trust her and respect her.

SOMW : Did you always know that you wanted to be a model?

Hannah : I never really thought a whole lot about becoming a model until I started getting approached.

SOMW : If you hadn't become a model, what would you see yourself doing?

Hannah : If I hadn't become a model I would definitely see myself continuing my dance career.

SOMW: Who’s your favorite model if you have one ?

Hannah : I don't really have a favorite model as of yet.

SOMW : How do you spend your days Hannah ?

Hannah : Besides school, I spend my days dancing, hanging with friends, reading, and being with my family

SOMW : What has been your best trip as a model? Is there anywhere you would like to travel that you
haven't been to yet?
Hannah : My best trip so far is definitely New York. Every time I go I learn more and more about how to improve. I eventually want to travel all over the world. But I want to take it slow. I want to enjoy being a teenager too. I am about to go to Paris this summer to model with Viva agency. I am so excited to go and learn and work.

SOMW : How do you feel about the media trying to influence the perception of models and their 'ideal'

Hannah : I don't like that the media has such a strong influence on body image. I do understand the need to advertise and sell things, and you want to use people who make the product look good. But I also think that we don't have to fall into the ideal image trap. Thanks to good genes and my family, I have usually had a positive body image. But I am not perfect either. I know I will be told I am either too tall, or too thin,or not thin enough, or not soft enough or too soft by certain clients or jobs. I won't get every job I go out for. But I have a responsibility to remember that I am still good enough inside and that is all that matters in the end. I hope other teenagers can learn and understand that as well.

SOMW : Do you have a secret that you can share with us ? (laughing)

Hannah : A secret that most of my friends don't know about me is that I still love to watch the princess Disney movies every once in a while. I guess I am still a little girl at heart.

SOMW : What do you enjoy the most about the modeling world ?

Hannah : What I enjoy most about the modeling world is the powerful feeling of walking down a runway and the fun you can have behind the camera. I love photo shoots

SOMW : Who's your favorite designer ?

Hannah : I have so many favorite designers but the 2 that stand out to me are Renzo Rosso of Diesel and Betsy Johnson. I love the funky but casual style of Renzo and the quirky yet beautiful style of Betsy.

SOMW : What would you like to be known for at the end of you fashion career?

Hannah : I would like to be known for 3 things:
-Being an amazing runway model -Being an example to other women by being as modest and appropriate as I can in an industry that doesn't always want that -And last but not least, I would like to be able to help other teens learn to love themselves no matter what body type they have and to learn to let their inner beauty shine through.

SOMW : what do you think about SOMW ?

Hannah : Well I haven't known too much about SOMW until now but if these are the kinds of interviews and information people will be able to get from it, I am definitely all for it. How exciting! Thank you for being interested in my answers and in me.

SOMW : Thank you Hannah! And thanks for the amazing pictures , SOMW loves you too ! All the best for your career!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Courtney Erickson back in town

Our good friend and amazing model Courtney Erickson who is signed with Q is back in town!! arriving next week...she is sure she will kick some watch out everybody she is here to do her thing...and we all know this girl WORKS...

We love Court and can't wait to talk to her about her latest travels and experiences

Monday, June 28, 2010

Steven Meisel shoots Mariacarla Boscono from Women...pure art

Steven Meisel and Mariacarla Boscono from Women Management with Alber Elbaz styling...speechless...pure art, its beauty, sex, chic, romance and a sense of "bad ass"...

This shoot is for fall 2010 Lanvin campaign

Lanvin Fall 2010 Campaign
Model: Mariacarla Boscono
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Stylist: Alber Elbaz
Hair: Guido Palau
Makeup: Pat McGrath

Friday, June 25, 2010

Secrets in China

Aside from the schemers, the thuggery, and other manifestations of bad taste, I'm not sure where to start. I could mention the visa fraud scam I took right to the US Embassy's Visa Fraud Unit, ending in the death (with no body at the funeral) of the person who tried to recruit me. I could mention the Chinese art scene as a haven for money launderers. I could go on about some clients I've had (one of them thought that by buying the film, they owned the rights to the images I produced for them -- hence I chose to drop them immediately and not return any calls) -- maybe this email to me from one of Asia's best creative directors (we met on an IBM campaign in 2003) may shed some light on what models can expect; if it exists on this level, it can exist on any level, especially in the modeling industry.

Mister Frady,
After many years of honing my craft, and all too often in the company of colleagues - who, shall we say, have a less sharpened career than myself - I am of slight concerns and am seeing the unmistakable hallmarks of a 'no thought, no planning, no idea, wing it through kind of business that i am seeing and experiencing at 798.
For instance - the 'busy' office with no procedures, no proper facilities or administration - but instead, a fucking Ay-i serving bitter shit tea endlessly, instead of hiring a hot receptionist to answer their phones... the sloppiness of the meetings with management and their genuine lack of vision and a serious lack of depth of understanding about what they are doing. The lazy 'legal girl' who said she was to email me - despite me already having emailed her. She is a pip squeak and probably winced at my fee schedule i sent them.
Look, I can go on with a litany of amateurisms that will only sadden me, and perhaps you. But there's little point.

So looking on the bright side i feel if 798 and I can reach an agreement and I come on board to help, then it will be high time to apply some stainless steel methodology and influence into the thing - and attempt to mould some sense and shape to this nebulous mass of seemingly desperate corner cutters.

If this eventuates - and the ball is now entirely in their court - I will need to work closely with you in terms of sharpening the 798 Group image. If the image and presenation is at least right and reflects the bullshit they proport to, then, well, fuck Shannon, it may get them over the line and put some cash in our pockets - despite the inner machinations and realities of the organization are a fucking hopelessly disorganised, counter-productive disaster.

At this stage I have done enough for free. Ive listened to their bullshit enough. They can now walk the walk.

Among the bad, there is always good, but one has to look very carefully. Rainbow Gao is generally a good person, she runs an agency out of Shanghai. I could recommend people, like Shaun Price from Kentucky (photos attached, he's the handsome black guy in the white suit), and my other friend Morgan, who was the guy who shot Jackie Chan in "Forbidden Kingdom" (also in the photos). In another photo is Henry Li, someone to look out for, he started China's night life (Quentin Tarantino was bartending for him while shooting "Kill Bill" in Beijing, he brought Paul Oakenfold to the Great Wall, and before I left China I had drinks with Colin Farrell at his bar, he knows everyone) and is generally a godfather-type figure with good intentions which may or may not lead to the right introductions.

I may be more qualified to steer people in right directions than to steer them away from certain people. Or maybe that's just my inclination. However I do feel responsible to pass on whatever I have learned in the hopes of staving away bad experiences.

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