Thursday, June 4, 2009

High Fashion Mom

My name is Samantha Quarrier, I am from a very small town named Crestview in the panhandle of Florida where I was born and raised. Just as in the movies, I was the ugly duckling, the one no one let sit down on the bus ride to school, always having my hair pulled was tripped in the hallways, last chosen to play any school yard games. I grew up with a large family of five brothers and three sisters.

My sisters and I were adopted when I was an infant. My biological mother was a drug addict and has a lot of physiological issues. I had a happy childhood, and yet I always felt out of place. When I was around 14 or 15 I received a postcard from Barbizon school of Modeling. I asked my mom multiple times to at least attend the search, finally my persistence prevailed. I looked around at all the girls that were the same age as I, all with their beautiful faces, skinny and tall. I had the height, but nothing more. Needless to say, I was invited to attend the classes that they specially engineered to help build basic makeup, proper etiquette and runway skills.

As time went by I was more interested in modeling, so I went to a model competition just get an honorable mention, then another to receive runner up to the winner. I went to Miami to test with Elite model management of Miami. At this time I turned 16, and was at what I thought was my prime, a couple years went by with my fluctuating between trying to model, or acting. I went to California after working with an acting coach for almost a year and a half. After finishing the showcase I decided to finish my schooling and then pursue the modeling. As I turn 18 I was just out of high school and ready to become the top model of the U.S. if not the rest of the world. It was a close friend of mine that told me if I wanted to model then I should just go for it. I then got back in touch with Elite Miami, to who was bought out and now had all new agents. I went and was turned down because I wasn’t the look they wanted to keep in Elite Miami.

I came back home crushed because I felt as though I still wasn’t good enough for anything. I was constantly watching my weight and keeping my hopes up, keeping my eyes open for any new searches, or opportunities. Over a period of time, I went through a lot of different jobs but not one of them leading me anywhere. I was working at an upscale restaurant as a hostess. I sat a couple at a booth, explained the menu specialties and before I could walk away, the man spoke to me offering his business card. He explained that he was a photographer from the area and was interested in hearing from me. I politely took it and put it in my purse and proceeded to work. When I got home that night I looked at the card and googled his name and found that he was legitimate. That following morning I called and set up to meet with him to discuss having a test shoot. I knew I had found the break I was waiting for. When I went to the office, I found he was in business with his mother who just so happened to be a mother agent for local models. Immediately they were interested in finding me a great agent to sign me to.

There were only a couple of months and I was off to New York to show my look book to as many agencies as I could. Then finally after walking the city, I walked into Race Model Management and felt right at home. I was only to be in town for a week, so I needed to work fast. Immediately I was set up with test shoots and had great reviews. I was asked to stay for a bit longer to see how well I worked. Almost immediately I was picking up a few modeling jobs. All along keeping in touch with my friends and family in Florida, as well as promising my father I would still make it to his banquet .I told him I would be there to assist at the end of the month, as well as telling my boyfriend at the time that I was to be home soon. As work got to be slow I took the opportunity to go home. It was only to be for a week tops. When I got home, it turned out that I stayed a bit longer than anticipated. Then I was expecting a baby and the father of my child went into the Navy, so I stepped away from my dream, and out of the modeling lime light for my pregnancy.
Now that I have had my baby boy, being a model is back in the picture. I know it will take a lot of hard work to be back in the shape but I am willing to push myself to start again. He is a beautiful baby boy, so curious of the world around him.

Being a mother and having the father of my child in the Navy, it’s as though I am a single parent. The modeling door will be open for him when he gets a little older if it is what he would like to do. Since modeling is a day time job, I am going to try and peruse it again. My new dream and goal is to model in Europe for tear sheets. I believe modeling is almost the best way to travel and meet new people, I know it’s the best way to make friends. It helps build character and make you a stronger and more independent person. My confidence has come light years from when I first started modeling. Nothing should ever stop you from pursuing your dreams and reaching your goals.

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