Thursday, June 11, 2009

How being a model affects my life

My name is Helena Berezina and I am originally from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia.

My career began when I was discovered by an agent in Moscow, who helped me to realize modeling was my calling. My family is very supportive of my modeling career, as they only want to see me happy.

As far as my love life is concerned, unfortunately I don’t have much time for dating. My favorite part of modeling is my ability to play different roles and put on different faces for each shoot. This being said, one of my greatest aspirations in life is to one day become an actress. More importantly, though an unrealistic dream, I wish for world peace! I love to travel, and as a model I am privileged to journey all over the world and meet an eclectic mix of people.

New York City is without a doubt my favorite capital of the world, and when I’m there I can’t help but become entranced by its amazing energy. As far as modeling disadvantages go, the worst part of my career is the little amount of time I can spend with my family. If I ever have a daughter I would NOT let her model, as I would never want her to experience the stress and loneliness I have endured in my career, as well as the hardships associated with my distance from my family. I have learned a lot from my career thus far, and would love it if my experience could help other up and coming models. The best advice I could give to them is to be yourself, embrace all types of challenges, and to be kind to others around you. Finally, my words of wisdom are to believe in yourself and go after your dreams…“Don’t wait for changes, make them!”


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