Monday, June 29, 2009

To spend or not to spend?

We all know modeling can be quite a profitable business, but the problem here is how can we study the spending habits of the models? What would you think models spend it on? Shoes? Hand Bags? Traveling? Well most models do, but then there are other ones that take another direction with their careers and their financial planning, like our good friend Courtney Erickson with Q Models, she is an inspiration to us and other models.

She has been modeling for quite sometime now, mostly booking editorials, hair campaigns, book covers and other print work, which we all know its quite profitable when you are actually booking this jobs like this girl does.

Well after some years of hard work, and being wise with her spending, keeping herself from too much partying and avoiding been in the negative side of the industry, Courtney is now achieving her dream, to buy her own HOUSE back home in Louisiana, this girl at the age of 20 is financially stable to buy her own house, this is something we all should aim for. We congratulate you Courtney for your hard work, and being a great example to all of us.

We should also ask Jeff down at Q Models if he is teaching his models to be more responsible than other agency models. Jeff we salute you for a great job!

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