Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Atti Worku tells us about her charity: Seeds of Africa

Education is the best gift you can give to a child. A gift that can never be taken away, this is why I started Seeds of Africa, a foundation that focuses on literacy and education. I wanted to start an organization that will help change the future of Africa by educating and empowering the children and young adults so they can be in charge of their own destiny. With the help of friends and family I have been able to get it off the ground and started working with the 15 children in our program since January 2008.
I believe we are making a difference in the lives of these children and we are helping them become the future leaders, educators and entrepreneurs.
Seeds of Africa is a community enhancement and development program that works with Children, young adults and their families in Africa. Our vision is to provide an environment for communities in Africa to flourish. We make this happen in a variety of ways, one of which is our Seeding Education program, this program helps children that are excelling in education but come from underprivileged families. We provide them with all their basic needs; school supplies, food supplies, uniforms, tutorials, health care, etc.. we are now in the process of opening our first community center in Nazareth, Ethiopia. This community center will be used to provide our services to the children in our program and help us increase the number of children in the near future.

We are looking forward to our team’s first mission to Ethiopia in August 2009 to help open the center and visit the city of Nazareth where Seeds has started its programs.
Become a part of the seeds family visit our website . You can help by donating, telling your friends, becoming a member of our group on facebook.

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