Thursday, July 9, 2009

few words of advice

This is to all of you who are looking to change agencies because you are discontent with your current agency.

If you are unhappy with your agency and want to move to another agency you think you will be more comfortable with, always leave your current agency in the best terms possible. Why? They all talk between them, for example: A certain model approached us asking for help to find a new agency, she has quite the couture look, PERFECT for Paris and Milano but she lacked to mention what happened with her previous agency after we took a couple of days to set up interviews with our contact in different agencies around New York we found out this particular model got dropped because of drug abuse and lack to show up to her castings and photoshoots.

We all know most of us have a wild side to us, but take your job very serious. Everybody in the industry knows each other, they all talk and eventually everything comes back to bite you in the butt.

Stay fashionable, have fun enjoy, your youth but BE CAREFUL and BE SAFE!

Also there are rumors that a new agency is about to show up in the map...we will fill you in as soon as we get more information about it, and as far as we know its going to be a killer agency.

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