Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I saw I photographed and I conquered...

My name is Gabriel Everett, I started modeling my second year in college. I transferred to Belmont University in Nashville TN and got with a local agency in town as a side project. I started testing with some local photographers, then went to Atlanta and signed with Click models and began building up my book. My junior year in school I studied in Milan Italy for 7 months and also signed with Major Models will I was there. It was very difficult balancing school, castings and jobs. Education has always been my main focus, so it has really interfered with modeling. I booked some really good jobs that I had to turn down due to school. Sometimes I regret that.

I began taking pictures my Junior year is college. All the modeling experiences that I had up until this point helped me pick up photography quickly. I have always payed close attention to photographers that I have worked with, always asking questions and seeing the gear they use and the way that they use it. Its just like being a photo assistant. So then I would try out the same techniques, some I liked and some I didn't care for. Then I applied my taste and perspective and started to build my portfolio.

I bought my first camera my junior year in school just prior to my European excursion. Once in Milan, I did not have a photography portfolio as I was just starting out, so it was impossible for me to start shooting agency models. This was a huge problem. So I stole some images online from other photographers in the states who I admired, and took them to some agencies in Milan and claimed them as my own work. I made sure to choose images that I felt that I could reproduce form a technical standpoint. The bookers liked my " stolen body of work" and started to let me test their new girls. Hey, I know that was pretty shady and certainly out of my character, but at the same time it worked and really helped me get started. In addition to these new tests, I started making friends with other models at castings and I started to shoot some of them. Even though I was still just starting out and my work was not on their level yet, shooting such high quality models instantly made my work 50 times better. It really helped speed up the process.

Limitless creativity is what I love about art and all mediums that are an outlet for expression. From the selected model, styling, lighting, make-up and concept, all of these variables form together to create a message. Just like any artist, the tone and voice of my work evolves all the time. I started out wanting to capture beauty and aesthetically pleasing subjects. While I still include these elements in my work, my outlook to what beauty is, has been revised. I now am more connected and fascinated in capturing emotion. I look forward to seeing what my work and perspective evolves to in the future.

*pictures by Gabriel Everett

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