Monday, September 14, 2009

Fashion Week - Weekend The Best of The Best

We were at the tents ALL weekend, we ran into fabulous people like Miss J, Alexander Wang (hanging at the McCafe lounge), Janice Dickinson (being kinda bitchy since everybody was trying to take a picture of her, oh poor Janice), Taylor Momsen (hanging out back stage), Mischa Barton (partying it up with Alexander Wang), Blake Lively and Jessica Szhor at shows seeing what they are going to be wearing next Spring.

So in a few words this are our thoughts on the shows we were lucky to catch this weekend.


Very Preppy Chic, very french...a lot of white and light blue colors. They went back to basics but upgraded, mentions of tennis of course! and makes you feel like going to the beach, definitely something we are going to wear next summer when we head to the Hamptons.

Kati Stern - Venexiana:

We had a chance to chat with Kati Stern, the woman is a rockstar. Her collection is just breath taking, amazing cuts, definitely something we will be seeing a lot of socialites wearing at night, just amazing a lot of white and black, Swarovski Crystals that embellished the beautiful lines and cuts of her dresses.

Custo Barcelona:

This show was insanely packed, not a lot of people got the privilege to witness this event. Collection is absolutely perfect.

Custo Barcelona's collection has been built around the concepts of movement and lightness. The materials used are so light that designer Custo Dalmau would talk rather about yarns instead of fabrics.
We will keep you updated on more shows to come this week...Happy Fashion Week season!

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