Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An afternoon of tea and biscuits with Philip Pelusi of Tela

*Philip Pelusi with a model at the Venexiana show for Fashion Week SS10

We first heard from Philip around Fashion Week, when he himself supervised the hair done at Venexiana show.

After the show we asked about who was responsible and that is when we briefly shook his hand and a quick glimpse in between flash lights going off for press pictures.

Philip received us last week at his studio in the meat packing district for tea and biscuits, where he told us his story and opened up to us on the story of Tela, and some of his achievements and business approaches to the beauty industry.

When we first walked into his studio the surprise is how beautiful the space is, with a tea bar made of oak, a tea room with a long black piano, beautiful columns inside the room and soothing music, we felt completely peaceful and relaxed. After the manager greeted us at the door without knowing the purpose, with a big smile and warm greeting, he took us to a seating area to wait for Mr. Pelusi. A few feet from us we see a very stylish man, going over some document and giving us a smile from far away, yes that was Mr. Pelusi who immediately stop what he was doing and came to greet us and made sure were properly taken care of (this is a trait that his clients appreciate deeply).

Having a seat with us and starting to drink some of the most amazing tea we have ever had (they have over 137 types of teas, and biscuits imported from England) he made us clear to call him Philip, a very humble yet professional and tremendously chic man started to explain to us the story behind Tela. Tela is a Spanish word that means “fabric” explaining how every fabric makes better clothes and better look for the person, thus they use the clients hair as fabric and create a better look for the person, kind of like designing a couture dress or a beautiful 3 piece suit. “The better the fabric the better the style”

Philip has been in the business for over 40 years, he started out of Pittsburgh, where he owns now 13 salons and a training center for his entire stylists. He created a way of cutting hair named: Volumetrics. This technique is an unconventional way of cutting hair, not following steps like other stylist a 1,2,3,4 way of cutting it, this style of cutting is designed to help improve the health of the hair and of course the structure of it.

With this Volumetrics technique, he came to New York and created something new, something fresh, something different than anything he has ever done until that time and Tela was born. Not been corrupted by the industry in New York before, as he said:”it makes me be more creative in business, so I can bring something different to New Yorkers…”

He has also designed an organic line of hair products, which are USDA approved (which is the higher standard of organic approval known to man.) You can actually eat the products and you will be perfectly safe, that is how organic these products are. This line will be selling in places like Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Barneys, etc. Name of the line: Tela Beauty Organics (keep an eye for this line to come out to the public).

Not only has he created a concept that women like Jennifer Lopez, Diane Lane and pretty much most of the socialite who’s who in Manhattan have become a fan of, but he also has created a chance for other people to enjoy his services and technique. He created Happy Hour Wednesday’s where he offers services for a fraction of the cost.

Designers like: Nary Manivong and Kati Stern are big fans of his work and have asked Philip to participate as their hair stylist for their Fashion Week shows.

Also working with some agencies like: Red, Q and Wilhelmina

Tela is the only studio with a private Chef in staff and he also is a philanthropist and hosts some charity events and other private social events at his tea room.

If you have had a bad experience with a stylist or think there is no answer to your hair prayers, Philip is the guy to go to…he is in better words: A hair Doctor. This is one of the most important appointments you will ever make regarding the beauty of your hair; this is something NOT to be missed, your hair will be forever grateful.

You can go to: www.telanyc.com for more information on their studio and their amazing services.

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