Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nadine McAdam shares her thoughts with us...

I am from Toronto Canada.. in Hong Kong at the moment with Dani Thompson with Model One... yes modeling...

Why do I love blogging? - well I have always been creative, and in the last couple years I have realized that one of my best forms of self expression is writing. I find that sometimes the best way to put my own thoughts in order and to make the best conclusions is to write out what I am feeling or going through. I also want to write a book in a couple years about all that I have experienced in this world of modeling and traveling. The good, the bad, the beautiful and sometimes even the ugly. But I guess also to show that modeling isn't what people necessarily think. It's not the glamorous life that people want to believe - nor is it always easy. And yes, I am sure here is where you insert 'poor little model'. And I guess I also want to show that there are quite a few of us that indeed do have a brain... and I plan on using mine.

Photography has also become a growing passion of mine.. I think it's another form of self expression, but also a way that I can share a little bit of what I am seeing and experiencing with those I love at home, or just those who are interested. Modeling and traveling can be a lonely world at times and sometimes the best salvation is exercising your own self expression... I guess keeping yourself stimulated, since there are so many times that you find yourself surrounded by people who don't speak English or even if they do, don't try to speak to you.

I use to keep a diary, and there are still things, of course, that I write for myself only, but for the most part I like sharing my insights and what is going on with me. I like that I get messages from people about what I have written and how they can relate to it. The pictures kinda just came secondary since I like visually and aesthetically pleasing things, so I wanted my blog to be visually appealing as well. If nothing else, it will be a way I can remember some of the wonderful, joyous things that this life has given me... as well as some of the more heart wrenching moments or harder lessons I have had to learn along the way.

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Nadie is with Q Models in New York and Model One in Hong Kong

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