Friday, November 27, 2009

We Believe - The SOMW Foundation UPDATE

We want to thank again all of you who came to the event on Tuesday. Awareness is starting to grow in people within the industry which is exactly what we want, although we had a lot of guests who probably forgot to give their donations during the event, some of you didn't even if it wasn't the suggested donation but something came out from your hearts to help people in need.

We are happy to announce that we have provided food and clothing for 2 children for a term of one year, we have done this with our alliance with Children International.

Please take a time to look into the children your donations are helping.

Diego Patricio from Chile
He is 3 years old his favorite pastimes is playing with toy cars.

Ishika Gosh from India
She is years old and her favorite pastimes is playing with dolls.

We thank you again all for your support, one way or the other you have all helped Diego and Ishika.

Happy Thanksgiving

SOMW Family

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