Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coco Rocha - Fashion Designer?

It seems like now a days everyone and their grandmother wants to launch their own clothing line. Usually, the minute I hear of another celebrity clothing line in the making I stick my fingers in my ears and close my eyes like a 5 year old, but this one sort of sparked my interest. Model Coco Rocha- who is currently the face of Zac Posen and Rimmel London is planning to launch a clothing line of her own. Will she draw inspiration from the designers she works for? Will it be couture or a lower end line?

I suppose it’s too early to tell… so early that she hasn’t even decided on a name; and she’s looking to her fans for a little help in that department. Check out the video link on the right side menu of our site, then head to her blog and drop your suggestion. (

I’m sure her designs will be fabulous, but let’s hope she doesn’t use this same strategy when deciding on which ones to choose…

by Jasmine Pierce

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