Monday, February 1, 2010

A funny funny model...literally she is HILARIOUS

Lauren Reeves may seem like your typical girl next door but this model and comedic actress has been around the block a few times.
At the tender age of 18 she was already an NBC news anchor in her hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska. It’s hard to believe that her first official job was teaching people how to look for gold on her family owned gold mine.

She prides herself on being able to differentiate from real and fake gold with one glance. (Lauren’s future boyfriends, take note.) After attending The University of Alaska for Journalism, and having a successful career as an anchor for both NBC and ABC in Alaska, Lauren purchased a one way ticket to New York City to follow her dreams.

She worked as a hostess and a promotional model before joining the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. While doing improv stand-up, she was discovered by Jimmy Fallon, who requested that she appear on his show. Lauren is currently a regular on The Jimmy Fallon Show as a sketch comedy actress. Just one more thing to add to her resume, right a long with modeling for L’Oreal and being the host of Chic TV. There’s no doubt that Lauren is on the path to being the next Anna Faris or Cameron Diaz.

Her advice to girls wanting to make a name for themselves in the industry is to always be very friendly while keeping a positive attitude. Surely this bit of advice has worked for Lauren, because shes well on her way to being the next It Girl.

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