Friday, February 19, 2010

Model City Premieres Last Night - Another Model Reality Show?

For all of you who have not heard of this new tv reality show...MODEL CITY. Another Model reality show? Yes and NO...this one is actually worth watching.

Premiered last night, for a few words to say it was interesting. With a slight different twist of every other reality show (drama, beef between featured individuals) Model City can actually show in some way the world of male modeling behind the scenes.

We get to see 6 of the most recognized male models in New York, it gives us a small glimpse of the reality of modeling, yes unfortunately its sprinkled with a bit of glamour and celebrity status so it does take somewhat of the REALITY of it away, nevertheless the fact that they are showcasing more of behind the scenes model world not like ANTM gives us yet another way of taking a unglamorized glimpse of the model world.

Centric TV Network:

"MODEL CITY" A TV Reality Series About the Lives Of Six Male Models as they Live & Work in NY City.

Staring: Wendell Lissimore / Ibrahim Baaith / Nelson Nieves / Zeric Seymor-Armenteros
**The Series Also Feature: Salieu Jalloh & Henry Watkins

In this series you will see the mastermind management of George Brown and Dave Fothergill which are two of the best at what they do in this town, they are NOT to be messed with and definitely BRING IT when it comes to male modeling business.

We say congratulations RED MODELS this is a great opportunity and we wish you a great success with this project!!

You can catch Model City on Centric (Channel 89) at 8pm Eastern Time.

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