Thursday, February 4, 2010

watch and learn before you roaarr!!

Very important to all of you up and coming models and already professional models...its always great to hear exactly the thoughts of the models, their aspirations, their goals, their vision for themselves that is what an agent wants to hear; makes them work harder and better to reach the goal of top model or even just to be a well placed model within the industry and the market the model is at the time.

What we think after some experiences we have had, is that you need to listen to what your agent has to say or just acknowledge the fact they do know best, sometimes you as a model have had bad experiences in the past but when it comes to work with a new agent at the end of the day, agents might have a longer career in the industry than a model and they can make your career crash and burn. Do 3 very simple things when it comes to your agent/booker; listen, learn and adapt.

We are not saying agents are always right, no no no no they mess up and some of them have no idea what they are doing, so this does NOT apply to everyone, but in a sense of working with agents that have been around or are clearly well positioned within the industry...WATCH AND LEARN BEFORE YOU ROAARR!!

We wish everybody an amazing Fashion Week season...and models...BE NICE TO YOUR AGENTS, THEY KNOW BEST!!

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