Friday, May 8, 2009

Kayla Camstra: Interview with a model with the heart of a musician.


SOMW: so seem to have the soul of a rockstar...
a musician, a music connoisseur if you did you fall into modeling?

KC: Well it all started about about two years ago..... I moved to Brooklyn to go to Pratt Institute to study art as a painting major.
I was scouted while shopping in Soho. I eventually met with Trump and by the end of my 1st year in college...I signed on. I decided to take time off school so that I could try to pursue a career in modeling..

SOMW: so you are with Trump models at the moment?

KC: Yes.

SOMW: that's back to the musician you play any instruments?
are you a secret genius drum player?

KC: no. I wish I was that talented. My older brother is a musical prodigy. He doesn't know how to read music... yet he can play everything.
I tried to learn guitar... but I never got the hang of it. I've got a lot of love for music nonetheless

KC: I guess my brother kind of made me into a music snob..

SOMW: oh wow maybe we will get you a guitar for Christmas and maybe you are the Jimmy Hendrix of models and you do not even know...

KC: I can only wish

SOMW: so Ms. music snob...what is your 3 favorite bands..and what do you LOVE about them?

: #1. would most definitely have to be The Pixies. They have been my favorite band for so long. I love everything about them. Their sound is like an orgasm to my ears...!
It's just one of those bands I crave. So awesome so talented.... ahh

#2. Sonic Youth. they're crazy. the first concert I ever went to. and then the 2nd concert I ever went to...these guys know how to put on a show. I love how the songs never end and how they always have at least 20 guitars on stage. Every song is in a different made-up tuning

SOMW: Sonic Youth...yeah I have had the opportunity to hear some of their material they are AMAZING

KC:#3 huge Bowie fan. enough said.

SOMW: enough said...
SOMW: If you could invite ONE musician from any time to lunch, who would it be and what would you have for lunch?

KC: whew that's a toughy...(pauses for about a minute, biting her nails and rolling her eyes...)
I would probably ask Elliot Smith how he found the will power to stab himself in the heart. I would take him out to empanadas...just because I love empanadas.

SOMW: Elliot Smith and empanadas...I might just have to ask you to marry me LOL.

SOMW: Any recommendations for our readers? any top 5 recommendations you would strongly recommend everybody to listen to? something that you feel will change their lives...

KC: I don't know about changing lives..... but I definitely have some recommendations-- I'm really into DJ's also.

SOMW: what are your top 3 djs and top 3 rock bands?

KC: Diplo, Ratatat, J Dilla...for DJs

KC: and besides the ones I already mentioned.... Tilly and the Wall (the drummer is a tap dancer!), Animal Collective, and The Faint

SOMW: Ok well we shall definitely look into that and keep you updated...thank you for your musical intake and we hope to be hearing a lot more from you in the near future...

KC: awesome, thank you SOMW you guys are amazing...

-interview by Rogelio Castillo of SOMW

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