Monday, June 1, 2009

Models and Nightlife: blessing or curse?

Being a model and being in the nightlife culture is not mandatory, but it sure is a great perk of being a model. Who doesn't like to be treated like royalty when he/she goes out for the night?, especially when you are having a rough day running from casting to casting, shooting for approximately 10 hours, or dealing with those buyers (Showroom models, you know exactly what I'm talking about.) So I know I enjoy it: Cutting the lines, meeting with familiar faces from night to night at my favorite spots, and everything is FREE! Oh yes, FREE! What sounds better then having an infinite amount of drinks? They just keep coming and coming. From vodka redbull, to vodka cranberry. From all sorts of wine, to basically....oh wait, I'm back to drinking vodka again. Did I mention sometimes and most of the time there is food that comes along with this ideal package? Usually promoters will promote their services with bribing us models with FOOD! And I'm saying, a girl has to eat.

Wait, wait, wait. It's just that easy, go out with promoters, be fed, and then dance and sweat those calories off all night with a drink constantly in your hand. Be wary, if I might add; sometimes promoters are looking to see more then just a beautiful face every night. Ladies, I know you know what I'm talking about. It's most common to be expected of (might I say, extra services) from time to time, and maybe some of you already have heard rumors about New York City's best and been-there-done-that promoters. If you haven't, there's plenty to circle the late night streets. Personally, I like to stay away of such circumstances and dance my ass off to the break of dawn. That's all. (Oh, and...drink vodka!)

It's really easy to be sucked into the "nightlife" From personal experience, (Not so much in New York City but in other countries like Asia and Europe) I've had my taste of just what "nightlife" is all about. With that being said, I've seen so many models with the wrong priorities. Going out every night and getting wasted does do much on your body, physically and mentally. And I might admit that it is easier sometimes to shoot while I'm hungover....I don't know about you, but it's quite-not-so-nice getting over a hangover at a shoot. Oh, and how about being sick, going out every night, and then going to early castings and shoots the next day? It does a toll on your body. And as you might enjoy it in the moment, it's harsh in the long run. Models also have a stereotype (Oh, seriously?) YES, for instance, look what the legendary Kate Moss was found doing...."Wasn't she doing coke w/ her rockstar boyfriend?"...Oh yes she was. I've also come to the conclusion that if you're in the fashion industry, what comes married to fashion is SEX DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL! Literately, I'm not poking fun or being sarcastic.

The top model is fierce, strong, and smart is all corners of the business. It's not wrong to have your fun, but there is a line that is waiting to be crossed by someone who doesn't have self control, and usually (w/ the exception of Miss Moss) it doesn't have a good turnout. Be smart, be safe! Use the head that was given to make money for you, and pout when in doubt!

-Danielle Zaragoza

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