Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Look at the List: the Best and Worst Parts of Being a Model

One of the perks when you've booked a job is that there are not only the pretty dollars that'll come a few weeks later, but also, the delicious food you get hooked up with at the shoot. Breakfast, lunch and sometimes if it runs over time and the client isn't an asshole (rare)...DINNER!

- If you thought the quarter back of your football team back in high school was hot... THINK AGAIN. You'll have so many tools to choose from for a sexy night you won't know WHAT to do with yourself.

- This is both a gift and a curse. Getting hooked up with free liquor all the time is probably the greatest gift one can receive. Not so much when it develops into alcoholism.

Holler to traveling on someone else's dime! But, this only happens if you're a regular working model who people actually want in these exotic locations. If you're not... and you're broke... better get comfortable at the models apartments in NYC, cause that's where you'll be staying for a long time.

- This is a perfect way to meet people from all over the world. You'll meet some assholes, you'll get backstabbed by your own "best friend," and people will be happy when you lose a campaign due to being too hung over to show up to the request call back. BUT... the upside is that 1 out of 100 people you meet will actually be genuine. Keep your eyes open and don't eat shit.

Talk about being rewarded for being a complete brat. If you miss a casting, most likely it can be rescheduled. If you don't like the job, you can usually turn it down. No one cares if you have anything interesting to say or if you have any idea what the new GOP "budget" is. And, if you reek of liquor from a hard night of partying and your make up artist is about to gag on you, the good thing is that no one will be able to smell you through the pages of the magazine.

I can't think of any thing more...

-Sally Cassidy

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