Friday, May 22, 2009

Model Apartment: Love it or Hate it?

My experience about the models apartment.

I know a lot of models have had bad experiences with models apartments. You don't have any privacy, the place is over crowded. other girls stealing your things, etc. I didn't experience any of that, Major Models Management got us a very comfortable apartment, and I only have three roomies. They even have a housekeeper for us who cleans the entire apartment for us every weekend. I love my roommates. They are the most beautiful, kind, and caring people I've ever met. I'm not that type of person who can live with strangers, but they made me feel so comfortable, and they are like my sisters. We go to castings together, hang out, go to parties and stay up all night. I've had the funniest times of my life with them.

The only bad thing about models apartment (for me) is that I cannot have my friends over if they are not major models, and the other bad thing is: it's too expensive!

I would recommend a model apartment only if you are in town for a couple of weeks or any short term period. It wouldn't work if you plan to stay for a long term period.

I wouldn't recommend model apartments if you can afford to get you own apartment, because if you get you own apartment it's way cheaper. Unless you have too much money to spend...which usually isn't the case when you're first starting out!

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