Monday, May 18, 2009

Models are NOT stupid

My name is Adesuwa Pariyapasat my friends here at SOMW asked me to write about my views on the stereotype of models being "stupid."

First of all, I am not quite sure why he picked me out of this plethora of model friends. Perhaps because I am the only publicly self-dubbed 'nerd in heels.'
The requirements on being a model don't just mean you fit all the social/cultural acceptable traits of "beauty," but also, it requires that you are mentally capable of handling all that comes with being in the industry. Personally I feel as though models who are "smart" are able to utilize and maximize the opportunities given to them, those are the models that become more successful.
For instance, models like Heidi Klum are completely genius!!! This woman is the role model to follow in the industry.

She is a marketing genius, and I am sure she has a manager, but her own career development is something we should all strive for as models. I guess one of the reasons why people might think that we're “stupid” is because many models start when they are very young (13-17 years old). This means that models skip higher learning education. I feel some people might insinuate that since there’s a lack of a certificate of higher learning, that we're stupid and/or uneducated.

People should not categorize a person as 'stupid' because they did not attend a University. Nobody should feel that they have the right to categorize anybody, as a rule. A college degree or high school degree is important, but what does it really mean anyway? Why does anybody have to conform to certain standards in order to be considered smart? Once upon a time, before the idea of a 4 year college came along, did people not excel? Did people not have companies? Society has always have a way of learning, but I do not believe it just comes down to higher learning, people learn also through living and experiences that form their actions, thoughts and their overall sense of survival helping them excel in life? School is just organized learning, which is great, but I do not believe it is the only way of becoming smart and successful. I mean don’t get me wrong I have met some dumb models in my time, but I still do not believe we should all be stereotyped because of a few models that decided to party too hard and abuse drugs. Yes do NOT do drugs, this cause your brain to stop functioning the way it is supposed to.

Do not underestimate us- we are here to take over the world (some people say we already have!) I am personally a big fan of Lydia K; that woman is an ambassador for her country, and she used modeling as a stepping stone to greater things. Models have used their wit and charm to excel in their lives and achieve their goals and dreams. A good example of a model that succeeded in life and fulfilled his goal is CNN Correspondent Anderson Cooper, which I have to say I have a big crush on. Yes, he used to be a model, I bet you did not know. So next time you want to judge a model, think twice, do not let the pretty face fool you.

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