Tuesday, July 21, 2009

About the Model Lounge in Soho

So we have all heard about this Model Lounge in Soho's Restaurant Delicatessen, they provide wireless internet, freebies (sneakers and other stuff) and food at discount prices. At first you would think this is just an idea to continue promoting young models and use them to another advantage, but they we had a talk with several models that have visited the lounge, and I have to say it is absolutely the PERFECT IDEA. We still think models from other agencies other than the top 10 should be allowed, but HEY...you have to start somewhere right?

On another note we actually have the pleasure of knowing Ben Garcia one of the partner's at the lounge and he is by all means an upstanding guy, so congratulations guys on this great idea, definitely something the girls needed and keeping them away from promoters and such even better.

Now the question is? when are you letting male model in? are you ever going to have a lounge that includes male models also?

*picture courtesy of models.com

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