Monday, July 20, 2009

Never looked up before

Hi my name is Nicole Hunt I started modeling when I was 16 back in Tennessee then came to New York 4 years ago to model, I was with Boss Models back when they were a powerhouse yes that was a long time ago. I had an amazing experience modeling met a lot of good friends and have incredible memories that now that I am just doing modeling on the side and focus on becoming a booker for an agency in Tennessee keep me motivated to be better every day and give other models the same opportunities I had.

I went back to New York a few days ago to celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend and for the first time I actually took the time to appreciate the city, like a tourist I looked UP to see the buildings, to absorb the energy of the city to truly appreciate the little things New York has to offer, this made me start thinking of how many cities around the world I visited when I was modeling, between the parties, the photo shoots, the castings and overall concerned with making it in the industry I forgot to enjoy the simple pleasures in life like "looking up".

I strongly suggest to all you models out there visiting the most beautiful places in the world, take a time to breathe look around, take pictures, hang out with local people you will be amazed on how much personal growth and enlightening you will have.

Enjoy your job, enjoy your life, enjoy your beauty, being a model is fabulous if you focus and work hard!

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