Monday, September 28, 2009

Alex Covo a true artist

We had the privilege to have a sit down with fashion photographer Alex Covo, most of you have heard of him and some of you have had the opportunity to work with him...definitely a raising star Alex has proven himself and other that he has what it takes to be the next "IT" photographer.

Alex originally from Colombia, is a self taught photographer, in his words he started to do it for the money, working in big advertising firms shooting ads for major product companies we use everyday. After 9-11 he has a creative break through. He saw the world from far away with his camera, saw the sadness in the attacks and through a lens captured beauty within the tragedy.

When we asked him what is that he loves about photography is that you are able to create an alter reality, capture a moment and freeze time, and a part of you can live forever...that essence, that beauty, that youth, that feeling...

His first editorial was for Dirty Glam, it was inspired by his friends (lesbian friends) he transmitted through the story-line that need and feeling of being with somebody, of being accepted just as you are, it wasn't about sexual preferences but that feeling of just being accepted and loved.

He mentioned he made every mistake in the book, every single thing you can possibly imagine could be wrong or go wrong...he did it, and guess what? He learned and broke through, after only 3 years of shooting he has positioned himself with the best agencies around the world and shooting for such magazines as Vive, Glamour, etc...don't be surprised if he shoots some of you for the cover of Numero very soon.

The importance of keep learning is always at hand, he gave us his thoughts on starting to be a photographer, like don't be afraid to make a mistake, do not give free work (lowers the quality of your work), be picky of who you work with and always push through what other people say it can not be done. As a true artist he has truly lived the term "struggling artist", his first love is photography, he can eat breathe and drink photography. A true artist at hand.

We encourage you to look at his work: and keep posted as you will be hearing a lot more from him in the near future.

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