Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Art Photo Expo Gallery SoHo - Miles Aldridge

The gallery surprises us yet again and brings us this fabulous artist called Miles Aldridge, we are posting a small review on who he is and one of our favorite photographs of him...make sure to stop by the gallery at some point when you are doing your shopping or going to castings in SoHo, its absolutely breath taking...

Miles Aldridge

Crazy, Sexy and Rock'n'Roll.

Miles Aldridge was born in England. John, Paul, George and Ringo often came by the house to see his dad, and their songs rocked him to sleep throughout his childhood. His father, Alan Aldridge, was an art director. He is the graphic artist and painter behind the Beatles illustrated books. Aldridge senior also created record covers for The Rolling Stones, The Who and Elton John. His son Miles draws too, but his drawings have become photographs. The art of Miles Aldridge tells simple stories with a twist, fairy tales filled with acidic pop colors. Something like an improbable marriage between Edward Hopper, Paul Delvaux and Frederico Fellini. His inspiration comes from his mother who was a model. Her very colorful and outgoing personality inspired Miles in the beginning of his work and she continues to influence his work. Miles Aldridge collaborates with various magazines including Vogue Italia, American Vogue, Numéro, The New York Times, The New Yorker, among others...

A selection of his work is in the permanent collection of London’s National Portrait Gallery. Marilyn Manson and David Lynch are both fans of his work, as is Karl Lagerfeld, who’s publishing a monograph dedicated to Aldridge through his 7L publishing imprint.

*review and photograph courtesy of Art Photo Expo Gallery

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