Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nick Korski Aka. DJ Slow Hand

We had a quick question-answer conversation with our good friend Nick (Aka. DJ SLOW HAND), he is quite the DJ in the scene, we know he has worked with the likes of Diesel, Adidas, Ted Baker, Cipriani, W Hotels and of course he will be bringing good beat to our future events...


SOMW: how did you start modeling?

NICK: started in San Diego. surfing jobs. with a few friends that introduced me

SOMW:what was the first agency you were with?

NICK: Jetset San Diego

SOMW: Do you remember your first job?

NICK: I am not sure...I think it was a threads fashion show.

SOMW: What is it that you love/hate about modeling?

NICK: Good money, nice people and fun to travel!

SOMW: So.. we heard you are quite the DJ...doing events for Diesel, Adidas, etc...how did you start doing that? started

NICK: DJ.ing at age 14... the DJ scratch academy Miami introduced me to corporate events as a
model DJ!!

SOMW: Is it easier to get jobs with clients because of the fact that you are a model?

NICK: YES. it does help being a model to get DJ jobs!

SOMW: We know there are a lot of models out there trying to be DJs what would your recommendation be to them?

NICK: Keep modeling and DJ.ing. they go great together. since they both have opportunity with traveling.

SOMW: You are a private instructor correct? where can anybody contact you to get lessons from you?

NICK: I teach at the DJ scratch academy new york!. doing private lessons.

SOMW: Where have you traveled fro modeling?

NICK: San Diego, L.A., Miami, New York, Mexico and Milano

SOMW: where have you traveled fro DJ.ing?

NICK: San Diego L.A. Miami, New York and Milano

SOMW: how is the club scene from DJ perspective?

NICK: in the club its hard to get a job without promoting and bringing
out a crowd. and to get an owner or manager to talk to you, you must have a few really hot girls with you all the time. almost like a promoter. this can be lame at times. trying to run tot he door to get your friends in while keeping the energy on the dance floor! the clubs always have a different format of music recommended so fallowing guidelines might be annoying. but to rock a crowd is a great feeling! DJ.ing is fun!

You can check his website: http://www.djslowhand.com/

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