Thursday, October 8, 2009

A quick chat with Bibi Sharipova

We had the AMAZING pleasure to have met Bibi, she is with CODE MODEL MANAGEMENT.

Bibi happened to walk into our studio during Fashion Week for a casting and when we casted her we could feel something very different in her than many other models we have met, and when you see literally from 80-100 models a day, you know when someone is different. We requested a talk with Bibi and she made the time for us, she came into our studio to talk about her life, goals and ideals…and yes we are shocked in the best way possible about this girl…

First to it be very clear this girl is only 15, but oh what a 15 year old young woman she is, ambitious, focused, knows exactly what she wants, how she wants it…She comes from a little town in Kazakhstan called Stepnogorsk, she started to model at age 13, scouted by a friend of a friend she entered a modeling competition in her town, of course she was the winner. 2 years later she was scouted to come to New York by a friend of Lorraine (President of CODE). Now the interesting part comes, we all know when young models come to New York, they like the scene, the partying, etc..etc…not all of them bust most.

It is hard to find a focused young woman that knows what it takes to be great, and Bibi has this, not only her flawless looks, perfect skin and incredible measurements, but this girl has the attitude to back it up, hard working and not having time to play games, we think Bibi will go a lot of places. Just this Fashion Week, yes being her FIRST Fashion Week season ever, even so we were fortunate enough to be sitting at shows where she graced the runway and turned faces asking: WHERE DID THIS GIRL COME FROM?

Her 3 favorites things about New York are:

1) the people, she loves that there are so many different kinds of nationalities, ethnicities and the energy people have, in her own words “I like the crazy people that even are yelling in the street…is fun”

2) Her job, she explained how she is loving the fact that there is a lot of competition, I know we thought it was weird but then again we see the fire in this girls eyes, she likes the competition because she wants to prove she is the best when she competes against the best.

3) Her agency, she feels just like home and expressed amazing things about Lorraine as President of CODE and as her booker, she explained to us: “she takes care of me, she knows I am young and I think of her as a mother figure here…” also the other models in her agency she has became good friends with.

Her mother being a doctor, has great pride in her daughter and supports her 100%, which we think its amazing since young women like Bibi can push more their careers knowing their family is 100% behind them.

Things like drugs, boys, partying, nightclubs and the general scene are not of her interest, she is here to compete, and to book the big jobs. We are very excited to see Bibi walk more Fashion Weeks and grace the covers of the major magazines in the world.

We will keep you updated on her progress, but for now…keep an eye on this girl she is going places and taking New York by storm.

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