Monday, October 19, 2009

Ralph Lauren Executives speak back

We got an email today from on of the executives from Ralph Lauren, responding to the Filippa Hamilton posting last Friday...

This is what they had to say:

"Dear SOMW,

She's is just a spoiled brat, we have even talked to her ex boyfriend and he agrees. She wasn't fired for being "fat" because obviously she is not. She was fired for breaching her contract on numerous occasions and there are a lot of models who would die to be in the position she was in...her feelings were hurt so she is making a big deal about it because she has the money to do so.."

*We are leaving the name of this executive anonymous

We agree, with RL as to it's not good for Filippa Hamilton to be claiming certain accusations when there are other reasons behind it, we still believe that photoshopped image says a lot regarding the expected weight and look for the supermodel during her contract with RL.

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