Wednesday, November 11, 2009

From the SOMW studio in New York to Mademoiselle Models Paris

Lindsey Younghans one of the models that is featured in our upcoming campaign has filled us in on her arrival to Paris. After hanging around our studio for some time looking for just the right agency for her, she decided to try and take a look at Paris one her dreams as a model and as a person, and guess what? she has been doing in a few words...AMAZING over there, catching the eye of important photographers and casting directors, she is a force that will take over the Parisian market.

Here is what Lindsey has to say:

My arrival was crazy. left from JFK and had a layover in Iceland for about 2 hours. then finally arrived in Paris at 12 in the afternoon. it was rainy and a bit cold but i was just so excited to be here. when i got to the agency they were all really happy to see me.( I must have heard the word baby at least 100 times) we have been planing this whole thing for about a month and communicating back and forth threw emails, so it was nice to finally talk to everyone in person. they took my measurements, put my book together, and bought me a map.

I was driving to the model apartment which is in a Boulogne (small suburb outside of Paris), quiet street, cute cafe close by and all kinds of shops lining the street. when i got to the apartment it was a two bed room pretty standard models apartment, i asked pascal from my agency who my roommates were and then i realized how small the world truly is. i was stuck with the same roommate from Milan, we didn't necessarily get along too well and it resulted her moving out of our old apartment I honestly had no idea she was even with Mademioselle. haha so here I was again, living with a stuck up girl from Serbia. but i was nice to her, and i tried to make the best of it. my first week was crazy. they gave me the rest of the day off, but i woke up the next morning with 7 castings!
That's when you've got to get over the jet lag and get into work mode. i met with a lot of photographers, shot with 2 within the first week, with a possible editorial for S magazine. I went to go sees for magazines such as Marie Claire, and Elle.

I saw so much of Paris which is nice, plus you learn you way around the city pretty quickly with castings taking you to all points of it. its nice to be the new face, its a fresh start no one knows you and Vice Versa, its always fun meeting new people and clients.

Thursday is when it started to slow down. with only 3 castings. and Friday with only one. but it has been fun so far, trying to stay away from the party scene and just focus on taking care of myself, working out, and getting good sleep. i saw the Eiffel tower for the first time on Saturday night, every hour it lights up like a million diamonds shimmering all over it, and at midnight the lights went off, so in true Paris fashion I made a wish. That's when it finally hit me, that I have accomplished a goal that I have had since i was a little freckled face, gaped tooth girl watching the runways of fashion week and cutting out my favorite models from Vogue. I have finally made it to Paris. this is definitely a turning point in my life. I am very excited to see what the next 6 months have to offer.

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