Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keep in shape this Holiday season

We all love this time of year, the sugar cookies, turkey, chocolate, candy canes, pie, cake, and all that good stuff that makes us feel like Christmas...but in the back of our heada we are worried how we are going to start 2010 and most important next fashion season.

Well our featured personal trainer Sidney Wilson sent us some simple holiday workouts, that everybody can do and stay in shape and still enjoy the holidays.

Here are a few workouts to choose from

1. Jump Rope The energy you have gets boosted when you jump up and down, and it also helps burn more calories

2. Aerobics workouts such as Kickboxing, Women enjoy these because they are the easiest way to loose weight fast

3. Dancing, Dancing is fun and you can work up a sweat and while enjoying your favorite music

4. Ice skating helps build up the heart rate and speeds up your metabolism

5. Planks, Holding your body on the ground with nothing but your elbows and toes touching the floor, for 30-1min holds its great for strengthen the lower back and building abs

6. Push ups. great for entire upper body. close grip wide grip and normal

7. Lower leg lifts, helps with the lower ab area to get that v shape that everyone loves

8. Stairs, try walking up stairs by two's as much as you can to build those legs and glutes.

And remember! Do not over do the holiday treats...

Happy Holidays

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