Friday, March 12, 2010

economic crisis hits FORD MODELS

This to some of you are not most of you are...

FORD MODELS recently went through a lot of changes...this changes were the "trimming of fat" of their staff and even their board...downsizing became inevitable

FORD MODELS has been having some financial problems for some time now, which is not a complete secret...they are not the only ones but right now they are the recent news. Powerhouses such as them have been struggling somewhat more than smaller agencies, why? well when you are a big this case a Corporation, a lot of other facts come in place, this is a debt business, meaning a lot of investing is done on their behalf and with turns like this recession, it is not the best market to be in. From a financial point of view having a big body like them is recipe for bankcrupcy.

Fortunately at FORD they are not only great at picking their models and booking them, but also at handling their business side.

All we can say to other agencies and models out there is, best of luck...keep your head up and don't get frustrated, it is tough times to be in and now you can see how even giants like FORD are not the exception.

Good luck FORD, we believe in you!

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