Tuesday, March 2, 2010

from top model to top soldier

Duran Bunch...a young male model we had the pleasure to meet a couple of years ago...top of his game, walking every major show in Fashion Week in Paris, Milano, New York and London...editorials left and right...the he disappeared from the scene...why?

This 23 year old Nasvhille, Tennessee native has had a dream to serve his country, he took some time doing the model scene but his hear was in giving back and protecting the United States of America.

Now he has come back to New York for a brief HOORRAAH in the modeling industry, staying with Wilhelmina as always, Duran is proving us not only he is a tough Soldier but he is a tough model to compete with...

All we can say to you Private Bunch is...HOORRRAAAHHH!!!

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