Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twiggy speaks out

Sixties icon Twiggy Lawson had some light to shed on a few of the most controversial topics in the fashion and modeling industry today.

Given that Twiggy was best known for her fine frame, and for being discovered at the ripe age of 16, it makes perfect sense that she had a lot to say about the subject of minimum weight and age in the modeling industry. Using her launch for her new HSN fashion line as a forum, Twiggy expressed concern for young women who enter the fashion world at an early age. While she sympathized with girls who were eager to start working and making money ASAP, Twiggy was of the opinion that 16 should be the minimum age for models.

She also spoke about the weight and body image issues that have been plaguing the industry as of late. Being a waifish figure herself, Twiggy understands what it’s like to be a tall, naturally thin teenage girl. But what she does not advocate is pressure on models from industry insiders to achieve an unrealistic weight goal.

Twiggy’s comments are helping to continue an uncomfortable but very necessary dialogue on the evolution, or lack thereof, of industry standards. We can only hope that the conversation continues.

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