Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bruna Correa's letter

I was 13 when I participated in a contest in my hometown of Santos, but I have not been chosen, a few weeks after a scouter from Sao Paulo came to my town to do a casting and was chosen to go Sao Paulo to make my first book and soon I was chosen to go to New York do Benetton campaign and soon after the Donna aran .. since then I'm always traveling ...

Today I have more basis in ny but always going to other places in the world, many friendships made over, a few really true and that I keep in touch and give much value to them, dating is a very complicated thing in this life of madness, very hard you always be in the same place together, I had a few boyfriends but none lasted long because of the distance. I love my work and whenever I go back to my house in Brazil to kill the longing of the family!

I love to do gym and is the best way to keep in shape, and if i could i would be always doing any sport that I love! knowing different places, different cultures and different people is the most interesting of all this, only bad thing about all this are the airport, wait for the flight and pack your bags! haha

but in this life you learn a lot more, care and value of your family and be independent faster!

*Bruna is signed with Wilhelmina in New York

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