Friday, May 7, 2010

Dear SOMW - Nashville needs help!

We received this letter from Esseri Holmes a model based in Nashville, a long time friend of SOMW and a beautiful soul...

If you have not even heard about what happened in Nashville you must be living under a rock...please take a moment and read this...
and yes of course SOMW will be helping out, so wait for our next fundraiser to help our brothers and sisters in Nashville

Dear SOMW,

One of the great cities in our nation's heartland was hit hard this week. As many of us stood by helpless to stop the terencial rain from flooding Nashville we are now faced with the sobering reality that much of music city and many surrounding suburban areas are under water. The Cumberland River crested at over 51.5 ft on Mon,03/10. Officials have reported at least 30 dead and fear they will find many more by the time the water level has dispersed.

The city has bound together tightly to form healing connections and try to empower the victims of this horrifying experience. Two of the young ladies doing so are fashion models Amber Williams and Esseri Holmes. Along with their love of couture they also feel the need to express their compassion and appreciation for their home town by bringing awareness and helping hands to the Greater Nashville Area. They have been focused on helping families with flooded homes move their belongings and livelihood to dry ground and they both feel a strong need to bring funding and major awareness to charities such as Hands on Nashville (a charity where the money gets funneled directly to the cause in Nashville) and the Red Cross .

As you all know it is fabulous to be fashionable, but it is also fabulous to be charitable. Please help the city Nashville to achieve a speedy recovery.

Esseri Holmes

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