Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Charlotte de Bleecker new SOMW Belgian beauty

We were fortunate enough to find this girl just yesterday...she is in China right now and arriving to her home country Belgium in June.

SOMW has decided to represent Charlotte as her mother agency, we are very excited to start the development process with her and place her with the right agencies around the globe.

Charlotte is not just a beautiful young woman that has dreams of model stardom but also has a set focus on helping people and is going to start medical school in the fall, to become a doctor and help others...can she the tough industry of modeling and her school at the same time? her answer was straight up YES...this girl can do anything, we are very excited to start working with her.

Robert Cassidy, fashion photographer, in China was the one that found Charlotte for us...oh yes we are truly lucky

Welcome to SOMW Charlotte!

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