Thursday, June 24, 2010

Interview with Erin owner of Echo Models

Interview by Amna Bou-Azza (SOMW) with the owner of Echo models “Erin Olson”

SOMW : What was your overriding inspiration to get into the business and create “Echo Models” ?

Erin : I’ve spent 15 years in various aspects of the fashion and modeling world. Over time I realized my passion was finding potential models, developing and managing them. I was inspired to start my own management company because I wanted to provide a safe and honest way for people to get into the industry without getting scammed or paying unnecessary fees.

SOMW : Can you tell me about your role in “Echo models” ? What do you do exactly?

Erin : I founded Echo Models in May of 2009. I personally scout, develop and manage all the models I represent. My motto is: If I can’t place a girl with one of the top ten agencies in the world, I don’t waste my time (I don’t waste their time either).

SOMW : Give me one word that defines the modeling industry for you?

Erin : Exciting Why? Because there is so much potential for lives to change for the better in this industry. For example, one of my models literally just barely left her high school graduation in the tiny town of Fillmore, Utah and flew straight to Singapore to begin modeling with Ave Management and shooting with the world famous fashion photographer “Chuando”.

Another girl that I sent to LA literally had only been a model for 4 days when she was cast as the only girl featured in a 10 page editorial in “Harper’s Bazaar”. You just never know how this industry will affect your life, it may happen really fast or slow. And not knowing what's going to happen from one day to the next is always exciting!

SOMW : Any tips for a model to make it big in this very competitive industry ? Any advice ?

Erin : The 3 P’s: Be Persistent, Passionate, and Professional

Persistent: You won’t last a single day in this industry unless you are able to get up every time you fall down. There is a lot of rejection in modeling, so you have to keep smiling, put on those high heels, get back out there, and believe in yourself if you want to make it.

Passionate: YOU have to be the one to want to model, not your mom, not your friends and not your agent. If you don’t have passion for it, you just won’t last.

Professional: Your main priority as a model is to make the client want to book you again. Never forget that as a model you are running your own business. As with any business, the key to success is getting and keeping clients. If you’re difficult to work with, late, rude, or unpleasant in any way when you’re on the job, most likely you’ve lost a client and lots of opportunities for jobs down the road.

SOMW : There has been a trend of using skinnier female models in recent years. Are designers in some
way responsible or is it the casting agents ?

Erin : Designers have every power to change the sample sizes they make. But if they do, they or the casting agents have to find models that fit those sizes, that’s a hard job. That’s why most designers book the walking mannequins (models) from already established agencies. Perhaps the agencies are responsible.

SOMW: Is the modeling profession something that provides financial stability? Does the agency take care of the financial aspects?

Erin: It can, but there’s definitely an investment in the beginning from both the model and the agency. The agency should pay for flights, books, comp cards and test shoots, etc. and the model should invest her time, energy, interest, and making sure she looks amazing!

SOMW : What do you think about SOMW ?

Erin : Not only an incredible resource for models but also an inspiration to many who think modeling is for girls with no personality. SOMW puts soul into the modeling world!

SOMW : Any quote that you could leave us with ?

Erin : “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. {Eleanor Roosevelt}

SOMW : I love this quote ! Thank you Erin for this great interview, SOMW wishes to you and” Echo models” the best of luck !

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