Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Interview with fashion photographer Donald Johnson

SOMW : How did you get into photography? How long have you been doing photography ? Can you tell us what encouraged you to be a photographer or what precisely inspired you .

Did you learn photography in specialized schools or did you learn it by yourself?

Donald : I've always loved photography, since when was child. I learned it during graphic design school but I realized that i had to learn more and then drove me to consult books and learn from practicing myself.

Working for few weeks in a photography studio I had the opportunity to learn more, giving me the passion I've always had.

SOMW: Any photographers that have influenced your career?

Donald : Years ago I was fascinated by David LaChapelle's works. Than, i was introduced to fashion industry and all about odd stuff.
Meeting with Tim Walker during his exhibition in Milan, I recognized the need to realize my photographic passion.

SOMW: How many pictures would you say you take to find "the right one” ?

Donald: Well, photo-editing it's the most important thing and in the same time the hardest to choose the right one photo.

Usually some photographers on 100 shots, they choose a couple.

SOMW : Do you prefer Black and white photos or color ones ?

Donald : I love both, each of color pictures are more direct and the subject is usually clear.

Instead, in black and white you have the chance of being able to relate the subject with the location.

SOMW : How do you choose your muse ? What do you do to stay inspired?

Donald : The most important thing for me is to convey exactly the personality of the model and it's not so easy to find the muse who is able to forward her beauty.

SOMW : I really love the way you seem to focus on the eye's of your subject in many of your shots . Do you make an effort to do this or is it just spontaneous talent that happens?

Donald : Everything about my works is spontaneous; I like to simply trasmit what my eyes want to see.

SOMW : What do you like the most about the Fashion industry ?

Donald : One of the most important things that's going to lead to lead to the most innovation about collections, between the art of photography and the passion.

SOMW: Do you prefer runaways or photo shoots? What do you enjoy shooting the most ?

Donald : I impressed a lot of work in the Gucci FW 2010 catwalk last Fashion Week but I guess i prefer to work with photo shoots because you can have more direct contact with the subject to represent.

SOMW : Most people think the life of a photographer is glamorous and they get to meet famous people, is it true ?

Donald : In part it's true, because it is a fascinating work, but like all jobs, you always must get the best from your works and what you want and it's not so easy.

SOMW : We’d like to know your opinion about the modeling world ? what do you think about it ? Does this industry represent danger for young girls? What advice would you give to every girl who want to become a model?

Donald : The fashion world represents the classy society and at the same time is like a circle of all those arts such as entertainments.

The only advice I can give about the young telents who want to model is to be themselves and give their best because it stands out the qualities of them.

SOMW: Who’s your favorite model?

Donald : One of my favorite model is Carmen Kass. But also like Anja Rubik, Anna Selezneva, Frida Gustavsson, Freja Beha and Natasha Poly.

SOMW : does it exist certain tips for a model to make it big in this very competitive industry ?

Donald : Well, in my opinion: just be yourself, work hard, do your best and not be swayed by people's opinion.

SOMW : To finish, allow me to ask you how did you hear about SOMW and what do you think about our organization ?

Donald : I found it by a person who advised me on web. I really like the structure of activities, from site layout to very updated fashion's content. Great Works.

SOMW : Thank You so much Donald and Good Luck !

Donald Johnson has been interviewed by Amna (SOMW)

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