Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A quick chat with Raschell Osbourne

We had a talk with Raschell Osbourne from VNY Model Management.

Raschell coming from Jamaica at 20 years old, has had some very interesting experiences in her life...she started to model when she was 17 years old, her mother agency is Saint International in Jamaica. She started to explain to us how different it is for her in comparison to other models, because in Jamaica there is not really a high fashion market, so she is used to certain clients, certain way to work and then she hits the big apple...and everything is not the way she is used to, the parties, the other models, the agency, the clients, castings...

The hardest thing she encountered was to hist castings, the rejection was tough to handle, she felt her time got wasted when she visited some clients and they flipped through their book and really didn't even payed attention to it, and just said "THANK YOU WE WILL LET YOU KNOW..." Although she enjoys the different environment, she has met some wonderful people at castings, clients and other people that have become good friends of hers that have helped her get used to more of the New York model scene.

A funny moment was when she hit her first Fashion Week casting, and the client asked her to walk and smile...and as a fresh of the boat model she did exactly what she was asked...she walked and smiled as BIG AS SHE COULD :D of course she didn't get the job and until the day she still kicks herself about it, but thinks it a nice memory on how she got to learn how to do things right.

Hanging out with other models, she was the responsible one, taking care of others at parties making sure everybody got home, even taking home some other models with her that weren't very "focused" after a party at late hours of the night, the good Samaritan, the responsible one...

When she first arrived she had a quick experience with other two agencies, she asked to remain nameless, not the most exciting experience about them, but surely something that made her grow a woman and as a model. Her mother agent finally got her in touch with VNY, where she felt right at home, and has been working with non-stop and quite happy.

She wants to give a piece of advice to all the models out there: "Always have someone responsible with you, a friend, a family member, anybody that can back you up, not only financially but encourage you to be the best at what you do...its hard to be alone in this industry so find someone that you can rely on."

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