Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Letter from a plus size model

This letter was posted on the Chicago blog not long ago, but there has been questions about plus size modeling within our New York community so we decided to share this with you in case you haven't checked our Chicago Blog:

Since my childhood, I have always been chubby! Nothing was easy for me. My friends kept on teasing me and my family always criticized my weight. But more importantly, I couldn’t find any clothes that could fit me! I have been on many diets but none of them were successful! I couldn’t slim down anymore, so one day; I decided to stop everything and start to take care of myself.

At 18, I met a photograph who asked me to pose for him. He told me that it would help me to boost my confidence. As a result, I decided to take a shot! When I saw the snapshots, I was astonished! Never in my whole life, would I have thought about that kind of result. It totally changed the opinion I had of my body and myself, in general. After I published these pictures on internet, I got many compliments and tons of photographers asked me to model for them as well.

I am now a plus size model. I love my curves, I’m proud of them; and I’m not ashamed of showing them. I also like fashion and am always seeking for something different. I took part in many contests.

One of them was “Miss Ronde France 2009” (translated by “Miss plus size France 2009”.) in which I finished 2nd. In May, I participated in the contest of “Miss plus size Universe”.

During my free time, I pose for many photographs, especially the talented and beautiful Velvet d’amour! I am the representative and the « face » of many clothing brands. I’m also planning on acting. Today, I’m proud of being curvy, it became one of my main trump card.

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