Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Marina Suwendy speaks against Society's Choice article

Marina Suwendy from Ford, sent us an email telling us her thoughts about last weeks finding, that stupid article we found on another site called Society's Choice, which they still try to grasp to their claims saying its a legit article when, well sorry its not...we know first hand for working in this industry for over a decade and those statistics are completely crap...

So this is what Marina had to say:

Read the article and saw the facebook page link of the person who wrote the article...
And since you asked for an opinion...the article it's just written out of ignorance and jealousy.

What she wrote is pretty much a broad generalisation. Not really groundbreaking info, but more so just uninformed common public misconception.

Cuz, I actually do know alot of models who are educated and don't do drugs. Oh yea, and they eat too!

Only difference is, they balance eating with gym work outs! Rather than the majority of people who stuff their faces and then wonder why they're overweight.

If she really believes that most models are just slim cuz they're anorexic and bulimic, then that would be a bit difficult to explain ab lines which most models have!
Last I checked, if you're starving yourself you wouldn't have the energy to work out. And throwing up is highly unlikely to get you a 6 pack!

And as for sex and money. Every industry has issues like that. Why focus on just modeling?
Sure, there are some dodgy people. But that's not exclusive to this industry. In fact, for the times that I've heard of people coming up to models and making inappropriate offers...they're not usually people from the industry! Rather they are people from outside of the industry who have a warped view of models!
So why blame the modeling industry?

As for a large percentage of models being bisexual, what's the basis for that? Either way, isn't it someone's own prerogative what their sexual preferences are? I know alot of people who are not in the modeling industry who are bisexual/gay/lesbian..but they tend to keep it more private cuz their industries are more judgmental.

Besides, I doubt she's got a bunch of models coming up to her to chat about their sex lives. So most likely, she's just basing it on pathetic things like seeing a few advertising pictures of women posing together in a seductive way? Or because female models hang out together? Or some other ridiculous far reach like that...

Which if we wanted to...we could easily make a reach that the majority of Korean businessmen are gay or bisexual too! Cuz nobody says anything about them sitting completely naked in steam rooms to close deals. Or their having surgery to enlarge their ah-hum to appear more impressive in those moments.

And isn't that far worse than some pre-screened & approved commercial advertising campaign?

Just ignore what she's written...it's purely for the ignorant, who rather create assumptions than to find out for themselves.

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