Monday, April 12, 2010

SOMW Welcomes Revolver Salon

SOMW is proud to welcome Revolver Salon into its community...benefits?

Well guess what you guys get 20% off any services you ask for on your first visit to Revolver, and not only they have very good prices (and this discount makes it even better), but their stylists there are AMAZING...go check it out

When you call for a reservation mention SOMW, and mention again when you get there just in case to get your discount...enjoy your hair salon...and may we recommend Greg to cut your hair in the SoHo Location

Go have fun get a cool hair cut for this upcoming summer...its Rock and Roll Summer 2010

Oh yeah in case you didn't know Revolver is part of Ricky' you all know they do amazing creative things, go check it out on our online magaze:

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